It’s been a long time coming, but Sonos’ first pair of wireless headphones are now in the hands of our tame audio expert. The Sonos Ace takes all of the company’s audio know-how, packaged in a more skull-friendly way. As well as the usual noise cancellation you’d expect with a pair of high-end cans, they also have some home theater-friendly tweaks.

Billy Steele was deeply impressed with the headphone version of its TruePlay tuning, called TrueCinema, which maps your location for better virtual surround. If you already own a Sonos soundbar, you’ll be able to pull the sound to the Ace in a heartbeat for those late-night movie sessions. Plus, Sonos’ ability to upscale audio that hasn’t been mastered in 7.1.4-channel Dolby Atmos should make even the most mediocre sound, uh, sound good.

Billy’s a fan, and you might be too once you’ve read his write up — so much so that we’ve got all the details for how you can pre-order right here.

— Dan Cooper

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