A new streaming throuple enters the fold.
Photo: Comcast

Adding a “+” to your company name for a streaming service is out. Now it’s all about grabbing the nearest three streaming services and coming up with an enviable bundle with an unenviable name. Hot on the heels of Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery’s announcement of a Hulu, Disney+, and Max bundle, Comcast is rolling out its own. The cable provider and telecommunications company announced this morning that it will launch Xfinity StreamSaver — a streaming trio that includes Apple TV+, Netflix (Standard with ads), and Peacock Premium. The catch? Well, unlike the Disney-WBD bundle where anyone can buy their product, you have to be an Xfinity internet and TV customer to access the new product.

StreamSaver launches nationwide next week and will be available for $15 a month, which Comcast boasts as a “savings of over 30 percent” for the year. Of course, this is all on top of the Xfinity internet and TV plans you will have to be subscribed to first before you can opt in to StreamSaver. It’s not too far from the model already used by mobile companies that provide their customers with deals on streaming services, including the aforementioned streamers. But regardless, given these two bundles and the forthcoming sports-streaming roll-up Venu, this new trend is picking up traction. Brace yourselves for the next phase of the cable streaming wars.

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