The Los Angeles Dodgers’ new City Connect uniform was leaked this weekend. The jersey, spotted hanging up in a store in Japan, shows a vibrant pattern that departs from the traditional Dodgers’ style.

The photo shows a white jersey speckled with tiny blue, red, and yellow dots, giving the feeling of a colourful, festive celebration—(or, as some fans have suggested, a birthday cake). The design integrates modern and classic elements, featuring navy blue stripes at the cuffs and a thin Dodger blue stripe at the edge, topped with a red tab sporting the iconic “LA” logo.

On the right sleeve, a new logo blends the Dodgers’ classic interlocked “LA” logo with the scripted “D” from their typical jersey wordmark. Across the chest, we see “LOS ANGELES” in navy blue, cut diagonally by a stripe that crosses from the lower left to the upper right. The jock tag includes the hashtag “#ITFDB” —a nod to Vin Scully’s famous broadcast opening “It’s Time For Dodgers Baseball.” Finally, a scripted Dodgers wordmark has been added inside the back collar. We did not see any photos of the caps or player name/number style.

The design was posted to Twitter/X by user @DyeMyColor, who shared images of the jersey displayed in a Tokyo store and, in the past, had given us early (and accurate!) photos of the New York Mets and Detroit Tigers City Connect caps.

As someone who didn’t grow up in Los Angeles (or really have much connection with the culture there), I’m missing the regional context of this design. If I had to speculate, maybe the spot colours are related to the overall colours of Dodger Stadium. If you know, please share in the comments.

The Dodgers have yet to announce when they will officially unveil their City Connect uniforms, though we do know that all 2024 City Connect uniforms will be released before the All-Star Break, so it’ll be sometime in the next two months.

Los Angeles released a City Connect uniform during the initial run of this series back in 2021; that uniform — “Los Dodgers” scripted across an all-blue uniform, was met with an unenthusiastic response. The team quickly changed the cap they wore with the jersey and wore it minimally throughout the three seasons they had used it. The Dodgers are the first team to take a second crack at their City Connect uniform design, though the Washington Nationals are expected to join them in 2025.

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